Experience with Fire Wrap systems for raceways is a must. Please tell us about your specific experience with the design and development of compressor products and components of existing and new designs. 1, and NFPA codes and guidelines. Great opportunity for JUNIOR LEVEL MECHANICAL ENGINEER to will work for an EPC company specializing in water desalination and treatment systems. The ability to speak Spanish is also a plus. The Ideal candidate will be a person that wants to function in a true mechanical engineers role. Outline your Mechanical Engineering Conceptual Design experience with Oil and Gas Facilities projects - emphasized all rotating equipment design and any Offshore Platform design engineering. Generous package includes salary commensurate with experience and benefits. Additional experience MUST include design experience in the process industry, petrochemical or pressure vessel industries. Please specify your experience with high end acoustics manufacturers such as Bose, Polk, Harmon Kardon, Denon, Panasonic, Kenwood, etc. Please describe your experience in Applications Engineering. Are you aware of the high cost of housing in CA but willing to relocate within or to CA? Great opportunity for Mechanical Engineers in TX and MA. Relo is available for the right candidate. Candidate familiar with EGEAS or PROSYM software programs and candidates familiar with the electrical energy market and electric transmission system of Southeastern United States are preferred. Must also be knowledgeable of ASME, ANSI, API, and NEMA standards. Please highlight your experience with perfomance testing and vibration analysis. What type of degrees do you have? A thorough knowledge of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and rotating equipment used in the refinery process is also necessary. How many years experience? Great opportunity for PROJECT MANAGER at a large compressor manufacturer to lead the order execution within the division until customer acceptance under process conditions is achieved. This position will require unpredictable hours, with compensated overtime. Client will consider a housing allowance due to the high cost of living in the San Diego area for training. A thorough knowledge of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and rotating equipment used in the refinery process is also necessary. An environmental services company in Colorado has a Temp-to-Perm opportunity for a Project Engineering Manager. Local candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Customer may consider some relo assistance for the right candidate.|
- Johnny

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- Lashawn Myers


If you are a time traveler or alien disguised as human and or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help! My life has been severely tampered with and cursed!! I have suffered tremendously and am now dying! I need to be able to: Travel back in time. Rewind my life including my age back to 4. Be able to remember what I know now so that I can prevent my life from being tampered with again after I go back. I am in very great danger and need this immediately! I am aware that there are many types of time travel, and that humans do not do well through certain types. I need as close to temporal reversion as possible, as safely as possible. To be able to rewind the hands of time in such a way that the universe of now will cease to exist. I know that there are some very powerful people out there with alien or government equipment capable of doing just that. If you can help me I will pay for your teleport or trip down here, Along with hotel stay, food and all expenses. I will pay top dollar for the equipment. Proof must be provided. Please be advised that any temporal device that you may employ must account for X, Y, and Z coordinates as well as the temporal location. I have a time machine now, but it has limited abilitys and is useless without a vortex. If you can provide information on how to create vortex generator or where I can get some of the blue glowing moon crystals this would also be helpful. Also if you are one of the very, very, few beings with the ability to edit the universe PLEASE REPLY!!! Only if you have this technology and can help me please send email. Please do not reply if your an evil alien! Thanks ... _-__--

Hello, Thank you for your reply. I am not joking and am indeed in great need of the type of time travel below. Bellow are my concerns and THEN a brief desciption of my life and why I need this type of time travel. I am very interested. Let me first start by saying I am being 100% honest with you and naturally have some questions. Please, It is a must that you also be completely truthful and upfront with me on absolutely everything. Are you human or alien? If alien which planet do you reside from? I'm well aware that there are some aliens of pure evil which would only want to cause me harm. What method does your time travel equipment work off of? Example: I have what is called the hyper dimensional resonator which works by inducing electro magnetic fields around the body, and then you activate it over a live grid point or vortex to travel through time. However This device has very limited abilities and will not allow me to achieve the type of time travel needed. It will only allow me to go back at my present age and bump into my other self for a 6 hour time period. I've heard that the human DNA structure is not compatible with this type of time travel, and that it will cause gray hair, rapid aging and often mental problems associated with hallucinations. That is why I will not use it. How safe is your machine? Has it been used on humans before? I must go back to when I was 4 years old remembering everything I know now to prevent the terrible evil beings and people who have ruined my entire life from happening again. I have heard that there could often be problems of having an adult amount of blood in a child's body, or the stomach being expanded and needing an adult amount of food in a child's body. Is this true or will absolutely everything be rewound to my exact identical self at 4 years old? Including any broken bones and scars I have gotten over the years, blockage of arteries, dirty lungs, and things that have occurred on the inside as well? I have also heard that if you have a toxic liver or kidney they could rupture and explode through time. Is this true? . Could I erase my time line? . When I rewind my life including my age, what will happen to the me in this universe as of right now? Will I suddenly be gone and have disappeared to everyone? . When I go back in time, how am I going to be able to get younger and not go back just how I am and bump into myself for the year of which I travel to? . When I rewind my life and am 4 again, will I have both the mind I have now and also the mind I had then, with the body I had then? Or would I strictly have the mind I had then but remember Everything I know now? It is a must that I have a clear memory of everything in such a way that when I go back I can write all the dates, tragedies, and everything down of which are going to take place in my life so that I can successfully change them. . Also very important. There are guardians of time, aliens, and government officials which can detect the device as soon as it is energized to try and stop you or come after you. Does your machine offer protection from this? (When do you require this?) If possible in the next week would be good. (Where are you?) I am located in Massachusetts. (How can we reach you?) I do not feel comfortable giving out my phone # or location just yet. I have a spoofed Internet connection. Is it possible you could talk through netmeeting? Do you have a microphone? (Where and when are you going back to?) October 7th 1984. On that day I am pretty sure I was here in my home. That is where I want to go back to. (And do you have any experience in this?) I have been researching time travel and aliens for much time now. Also very important. There are guardians of time, aliens, and government officials which can detect the device as soon as it is energized to try and stop you or come after you. Does your machine offer protection from this? Here is a brief description of my life: It all started out with this woman my dad dated when I was only 9 who drugged and poisoned me when I would see my dad during the week nights for supper. She once even used another poison in my school lunch, which made me suddenly, start crying for 2 hours straight after eating it. I do not know what or who she was, but she had those evil eyes and a look to her that I will never forget. It is strange that the catering truck man I mention below who came around just before Denise had those same evil eyes, and look to him with that frizzy black hair. She was into a very dark evil magic group of some kind which she refused to mention. This went on for about year. Finally I and also my Mom made my dad break up with her. She was furious at me for arguing with my dad all the time about everything, which she told me she was doing to me. My dad never believed me about her or what she did, or the side effects I had from her poisonings. I am 21 now, and since then my life has been obviously completely tampered with. I believe she is the link to most of the things which have occurred below. There are other things I'll get to in a moment that I've also taken into consideration which probably go along with this. Since she has been gone I have had out of this world weird things happen, bad luck. Everything I come close to seceding at suddenly turn around for the worst. All my dreams AND HOPES (ONLY AVAILABLE) in my past destroyed. Many weird unexplained health problems, coming on from nowhere. Which have gotten so bad today I have to fight to stay alive, and am always in pain and suffering everyday. As of 7 months ago I have this horrible new health problem in addition to my heart and many others which is right now killing me! I believe it came from the dentist because I experienced the symptoms 2 days later. The worst feeling of faint and dizziness pressure in my head, ringing in my ears of my life! My head feels heavy. I feel like I am fighting to stay conscious. I have pain inside my head on my brain! Focusing on anything makes things ten times worse! I am fighting just to type this email right now! The only thing that has kept me even healthy enough to get out of bed is my education on vegetarian diet and juicing. But it is not working at all anymore! My short term memory has gone very bad! The symptoms appear to be a form of Encephalitis or the worst case CJD according to my neurologist who is waiting for the final test results back to confirm it. One of the only diseases that does not respond to natural heeling! I am stuck in bed most of the day barely conscious now getting worse each day. I have also since been the victim many times of my food from the grocery store or restaurant having something put in it by some sicko working for their company, Example: Such as a needle object in a bag of party mix potato chips which cut my gland and put me in pain now to feel like I am swallowing that needle again every time I eat certain foods in addition to these other health problems I have of my heart and prostate. Since she was around weird things have not only happened to my luck, my everyday day life, and also health, but also to my brother. He went processed and had some evil super natural creature in him from another galaxy controlling his mind, strength, and giving him powers to try and harm me physically and mentally, He could read my mind and exactly what I was thinking. He could speak 10 different languages suddenly. He of course pretended to act normal around other people and only acted this way and used his strength and power when he was alone with me, so nobody would believe me. He had the strength to lift over 400 pounds like nothing and would often attack me, even once with knife. This went on for a period of six months. When he did return to his own body he remembered nothing and wondered what happened. Strangely Just 3 month before this woman even dated my dad and came around there was this catering truck guy when I was 8 who gave my friend and I a free hotdog. He was laughing as he handed me mine. Just 1 minute after eating half of that hotdog tears started pouring down my eyes. By then this catering truck man was laughing his brains out even harder. He obviously must have used the same drug this woman my dad dated once used on my school lunch in addition to whatever else she was putting in my food every night at supper that my dad forced me to eat. Her food made my skull feel prickly like it had needles in it. It gave me a feeling of sadness and gloominess that words cannot explain! It was like I was shifted into a very negative world of hell. My hair fell out much easier when I took a shower. I would often catch myself spacing out with wide eyes and an open mouth staring into space. I was stoned looking with those open eyes and look about me in every single picture. My heart gave me problems for the first time when she was around. It would beat very hard and abruptly. Two years later it gave me the serious problems of feeling bubbly like it had pressure in it and then beating really, really, fast from anywhere of 10 second to a 3 minute period. Once at over 400 bts per minute. This was the most scariest feeling in the world!! As a result of my heart being weak and doing this it has caused me awful fear to be far in the woods or away from houses and people, on a plane, or busy highway. I get so scared that when I'm alone my heart is going to start giving me that bubbly feeling and acting up that I make it start beating uncontrollably fast. If I never had problems with it in the first place I would have never of had this fear. Lifting something heavy, holding my breath, Doing something strenuous or something painful also makes it feel bubbly then start racing. If there is one thing I would want to forget it is the problems my heart has given me so that I do not fear it. From the time my dad dated this girl I felt strongly in my heart that I must somehow someway get back. And I was right. The nagative world of hell continued and got ten times worse. I knew that it was the only way. I have never felt anything so strongly in my life. A year ago Denise called my dad and made him throwing up and very sick all night long. 6 months ago she called here and got the answering machine. She left a dirty love message on the machine for my mother. While I believe she is the main link to most of my problems there are a couple other things I must also take into consideration. Someone gave my dad this wedge board which said that bad things were going to happen to me. He burned it and all colorful flames came from it and created a 10 foot high fire. My plan would be very simple: When I got back in time I would simply awake that morning in panic and tell both of my parents that I had a dream from God showing me my future and what is to come. As I made small predictions of what would happen over the next couple days to them and they happened and they become totally freaked out they would listen to me. Like we are going to get invited to your friend lisas house for Thanksgiven. Or you will be getting a new truck from your company this week. I would only make one by one prediction at the appropriate time ofcourse. As for Denise if for some reason my dad would not listen to me I simply would not see him. Just incase any of these terrible things about to come would still occur after I dealt with the likely cause I would be armed with knowledge. I would know to eat and live naturally from the beginning. Be able to prevent things when they happened. Example: that needle in my bag of potato chips. Or every time my food was tampered with. That catering truck guy. . all the way down to minor things like getting a broken jaw, or being hit by a car. I would have the knowledge to have a healthy happy good life like I was meant to have from the beginning. I do believe in god and always have! I have always prayed, said grace, watched cristans shows on tv, prayed with people. donated money to charitys, and still nothing has ever helped! However I do not do anything whatsoever without first praying to god even though it is like he hates me!! 3 Easters in a row on easter somthing bad has happened from first being really sick and throwing up to the next year being even more so deadly sick on easter from a poisonos spider bit, to then being in the hospital with a broken jaw in three different places on easter, to now this deadly illness which started since this past April just after easter which is killing me now. I don't know why either!! I am not perfect but I am not a bad person and try to do as good I can, It happened one morning in late January of 1997 at 16, I got up at 6:00AM to take a shower and get ready for school. I got out of the shower at 6:30, I looked out the bathroom window and noticed sunrise and UFOs in the sky. I did not find this surprising because I use to see them all the time. I then got dressed and ready. Then when I walked out of the bathroom as soon as I entered into the hallway, pretty far away from any windows now, then it happened! It was like I stepped into an invisible doorway of some kind, In less then 1 second I saw a flash of white light and it seemed as if I rotated slightly with this tremendous force on my body and everything went blank for a second. The air was warm and dry for that quick second, I heard this click which sounded like a camera. And then it was over. There I was standing wondering what just happened. I will never forget what it was like! Still puzzled and confused I went downstairs to wake my Mom up to take me to school when I got an even bigger shock!!!! She said it's 12:30 at night, to go back to bed. I looked out her paddeo door and to my surprise it was pitch dark night time again! And that is how it happened. The people, and everything around me was the same! It was real!! This was all real which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that time travel is possible for me. I believe it happened as a sign that I am meant for time travel as an only option to correct what has been done to my life. It was clear that I somehow must have done a Quantum leap with my other self of 6 hours ago. I have been in this universe for 5 years now. Since after what happened to me at 9 years old with Denise I felt it so strongly in my heart that I must somehow someway backup my life. I investigated time travel as I learned throughout my young teen years. But because of how our government is covering up so many things, and controlling the minds of billions of people, People convinced me it was not real until I discovered it myself. I believe that God is leading me to a time traveler who can help me with the type of time travel needed. Please I am dying! The sooner we can get started the better. Also I don't know if this is posable to change seeing I was just born at the time, but as an infant I was one of the thousands of babies who was effected by the vaccine they inject into you. It effected my speech development, communication skills, quick thinking, gave me awful ear infections, very bad constipation, and other health problems over the years. Our lousy government makes everybody believe it is safe and to protect you against diseases when infact the only way to be healthy is to have a strong immune system by eating only: vegetables fruits, nuts, grains, and seeds. No meat dairy, sugar which has bone whitener, gelatin, or any diseased animals products because of the horrible human practice they do on animals that the government is covering up. (Do you feel guilt for any of the lives you'll be changing?) Absolutely not! I am a good person who is very bright and intelligent. I have the ability to help a lot of people and make the world a better place. While it is very unfortunate that you have people who travel through time simply for selfish reasons like the stock market, lottery or for their own personal gain I simply will take back what was stolen from me in the first place. MY LIFE! I look forward to your reply. Thanks Robby


Experimental physicists design and perform experiments with particle accelerators, nuclear reactors, telescopes, barometers, synchrotrons, cyclotrons, spectrometers, lasers, and other equipment. Physics attempts to describe the natural world by the application of the scientific method. In contrast, natural philosophy, its counterpart which had also been called "physics" (earlier physike) from classical times up to at least the separation of physics from philosophy as a positive science in the 19th century, is the study of the changing world by philosophy. Mixed questions, of which solutions can be attempted through the applications of both disciplines (e.g. the divisibility of the atom) can involve natural philosophy in physics (the science) and vice versa. The distinction, however, is not always clear-cut.
- Terax Energy


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- unknown


Inspired from Moulin Rouge and by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Some farmers got upset over their losses in poultry and sheep.
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Seriously, I've spent the summer doing engrossing work, surrounded by razor-sharp minds. Now is the time to move the focus and concentrate on new areas. com without intervention of the Laborarory team. ii We pick our companies based on there growth potential. ii Not much point in posting what you can turn around in your chair and share with your coworkers. Today, I introduce the current design, based loosely on the previous one, but mainly, a migration to WordPress.

I have been offered a server migration by my web hosts due to a few performance problems recently. Health experts believe millions of hours of vital exercise are being lost every week thanks to the explosion in electronic messaging. Just surfed on over to Blog Herald to discover the standard template and no articles except the default "Hello World" offering when you first install. Life is not pure bright colors - as this green - but gray nuances, too. It's refreshing to read a SANTA - where are you?

Depending on your location, the speed of nameserver updates, copying of files, etc. So, completely spoiled by instant, funny, inventive feedback, I'm going to start trying to post again. I think my bias got the better of me for the first few pages of this month's book. Not much point in posting what you can turn around in your chair and share with your coworkers. I have been offered a server migration by my web hosts due to a few performance problems recently. Not much point in posting what you can turn around in your chair and share with your coworkers.

Life is not pure bright colors - as this blue - but gray nuances, too. Inspired by EU parliament election. Congratulations to the newly weds. Just surfed on over to Blog Herald to discover the standard template and no articles except the default "Hello World" offering when you first install. I will print them myself, if I must. It's the only place for your definitive Andy Merrett experience! Just surfed on over to Blog Herald to discover the standard template and no articles except the default "Hello World" offering when you first install. Inspired from Moulin Rouge and by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. or justSnakes by Eminent DomainBlighted snakes. Details possibly forthcoming. So, completely spoiled by instant, funny, inventive feedback, I'm going to start trying to post again. It's refreshing to read a. 'Round the Earth's axis. Health experts believe millions of hours of vital exercise are being lost every week thanks to the explosion in electronic messaging. Today, I introduce the current design, based loosely on the previous one, but mainly, a migration to WordPress. Life is not pure bright colors - as this yellow - but gray nuances, too. I will print them myself, if I must. This site will not be updated any more, except to moderate and respond to comments. I'm currently assessing the direction and aims of this site, so there might be some changes coming. Jefferson County Board of Education.

- Frederik