Shortwave Radio Tuning
and Listening on the Internet

Via Java-enabled browsers

Current Solar Conditions

UVB-76 (1)
4625 kHz, 4810 kHz Shortwave

UVB-76 (2)

Short-Wave Radio Tuner   
web frequency tuner    
   live, streaming radio from around the world.

Original Web-controlled Shortwave Radio

a Drake R8 receiver located in Virginia.

Random Access Labs
Kachina 505DSP and TEN-TEC RX-320 receivers
with RF Systems SP2 splitter monitoring from Canastota, NY.

Updates & additions on the way
( for you ham radio fans )
Amateur Radio

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National Radio Data

the art and science of listening to distant stations
(D=distance X=xmitter or transmitter)
The Shortwave Report
30 minute recorded shortwave radio reviews ...
times & frequencies for English-language programs included
( out far press )

... TRS ...

Short-Wave Broadcasts and Web Sites.
( even while they're not broadcasting to the Americas )

Station web sites
(visit for language and listening device options)
Australia Broadcasting Corporation
Radio Austria International
Radio Österreich International
  BBC World Service
  Radio Canada International
CRI Radio International
China Radio International
( hard to decipher
dialect )
  Croatian Radio Television
  Radio Habana Cuba
  Hong Kong
Radio Japan
Radio Netherlands
Radio Prague
Voice of Russia
Voice of America
  Radio Yugoslavia off the air
  Radio New Zealand International

Glen Hauser's World of Radio

The Short-Wave Bands

Use these ranges to tune in international broadcasters.
Few stations operate outside these frequencies.

49 Meter Band 5730 - 6205
41 Meter Band 7100 - 7595
31 Meter Band 9350 - 10000
25 Meter Band 11550 - 12160
22 Meter Band 13570 - 13870
19 Meter Band 15000 - 15710
16 Meter Band 17500 - 17900
13 Meter Band 21450 - 21850

More Useful Short-Wave Web Sites

Ham Radio: LSB 3830
Prime Time Shortwave

NASWA: Listings of Worldwide Shortwave Broadcasts

Daniel Atkinson: Shortwave Radio FAQ and broadcasts

Daniel Atkinson Shortwave FAQ is off the air

NIST: Java Based Atomic Web Clock

USNO: World Time Zone Map

HiLink: Local Times Around the World

Radio Cuba: Arnie's Unlimited

Clubs: Association of North American Radio Clubs

Audio: World Radio Network

MIT: Radio Stations on the Internet

Keep track of the cops
Scanners found at Yahoo.